Ep14: Reconnecting with Food on a $30/week Grocery Budget

This week I’m joined by a new friend, Dani Morris. In this episode, Dani shares with us how she and her husband were able to thrive on a $30/week food budget for nine months so that they could buy a house.

Each of us has been able to reconnect with food by focusing on our financial goals. Getting to $30/week requires diligence but in addition to saving money, it also has a great side effect for our health and being mindful of what we are putting into our bodies. TLDR: cook everything that you can from scratch.

I hope you enjoy our conversation and be sure to say hello to Dani on Instagram at @danigmorris!

Our Guest This Week

Dani G Morris, DaniGMorris.com

Dani has set out to help teach people “how to make every meal at home a celebration” through her own content over on Instagram, YouTube, and her website. All of which you can check out below.

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