Ep24: HY$YD Six Month Update 💸💸

This week marks the point where I’ve been doing this show for 6 months. It also represents 6 months of me paying more attention to my financial health than I ever have. That attention has come in the form of:

  • Doing a deep dive into where my money was going
  • Greatly reducing my discretionary spending
  • Took on a few challenges around frugality and cooking/eating at home
  • Set up systems to make sure I can’t deviate from the plan

New goals!

3-month goal – July 2019

  • Goal 1: Replenish my emergency fund to $1000
  • Goal 2 is more of a challenge for myself: I’m going to call each of my credit card companies and ask them to lower my interest rate. I make my payments on time and think that the exercise would be a good one to do since the worse they can say is no.

6-month goal – October 2019

  • Goal 1: To have at least $1000 paid off on my highest interest rate card
  • Goal 2: Fund my emergency fund to $2000

Some of the tools that I’m using:

  • Google Spreadsheets
  • Catch – for squirreling away withholding taxes and paying into retirement (referral bonus!
    • Referral bonus! “Every time someone creates a plan with your referral link and contributes $10 you’ll both receive a bonus toward Time Off.” If you’d like to try Catch, we both benefit! Sign up here
  • Simple – the bank that I use for tracking and saving goals

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