Ep30: Freelance Finance with Lara Cattlin

This week, I chat with Lara Cattlin, friend and freelance copywriter, about the ins and outs of freelance finance. Freelancers have a gauntlet of tasks that they have to do in addition to doing the work that they specialize in. We talk about cash flow management, the pros/cons of freelancing and how to set boundaries for your time.

  • Finding clients
  • Scoping out projects
  • Getting the projects
  • Doing the project
  • Getting paid for the project
  • From that, we have to pay taxes, any other expenses for running our businesses
  • Rinse & repeat

Our Guest This Week

Lara Cattlin, Freelance Copywriter

Website: http://laracattlin.com and http://freelancelifehacks.com/

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