Ep8: Resolutions are for suckers – 2019 Goals

This week, we review the goals that I set with Tanja in Episode 3 – Setting Goals. We discuss how and why people fail to achieve New Year’s resolutions and how we can avoid becoming part of that statistic while moving toward our results.

  • Goal 1: Create a $1,000 emergency fund
  • Goal 2: Establish a plan with the IRS Done!
  • Goal 3: Choose a plan of attack for credit card payoff
  • Goal 4: Inventory my expenses Done – check out Episode 4!
  • Goal 5: Smooth out my freelance income or get a job

Revised goals going ahead:

  • Goal 1: Continue toward $1,000 emergency fund, move some additional money at the start of the year to speed up the process in larger chunks.
  • Goal 2: This is less of a goal and more of a new habit. I’m going to start using Catch.co to track and pay my withholding and save for “buffer” that is for vacation, getting sick or having gaps in work.
  • Goal 3: Continue to focus on my freelance income. This is not really a good goal at the moment, needs to be more defined to be measurable.
  • Goal/Habit 4: Continue to bullet journal to add a sense of structure to my days, morning and night. I don’t tend to hit my reflection but I usually double it up in the morning with reflecting on yesterday and charting out the new day.

Thanks for listening. 🤘🏼