How to make freelancing (or your side hustle) work for you

Ep34: This week we get very tactical and jump into how to make the numbers work around freelancing or being an independent worker.

  1. Come up with a number
  2. Align your expectations
  3. Timebox your work
  4. Reduce and automate the meta work
    1. Track Your Time
    2. Automate Invoicing, Proposals, and Contracts
    3. Automate Withholding Taxes & Retirement

“Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion” – Parkinson’s Law

Tools to automate your freelancing or side hustle

  1. Harvest – time tracking, invoicing
  2. Bonsai – time tracking, invoices, proposals and contracts (what I like to use)
  3. Timeular – time tracking (what I like to use)
  4. Freshbooks – invoicing
  5. Use to automate tax savings and retirement  (referral link)
  6. Set up a retirement account with your preferred institution

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