Identifying Financial Fatigue

36: This week we talk about identifying financial fatigue and how to combat it and avoid it altogether.

Identifying Financial Fatigue

Some of the feelings that come along with financial fatigue include:
  • The feeling that managing your finances is tedious
  • The end doesn’t seem to be in sight
  • Your efforts seem hopeless

These feelings can cause a cycle of anxiety that can be difficult to break out of:

  • Your mind feels always on
  • You constantly worry about finances
  • You feel overwhelmed to the point of avoiding action
  • Your inaction and doubt creates anxiety
  • Your anxiety cause loss of sleep, lowering of morale, confidence, or self-worth

Combatting Financial Fatigue

  • Know where you stand
  • Put it down on paper and get it out of your head (Bullet Journal)
  • Find a support system or accountability buddy
  • Automate as much as you can so you can get it out of your head
  • Try budgeting (envelope system)
  • Limit the number of systems you have so you don’t have to track them all

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