Paying Off Student Loans by Learning to Code w/ Lindsay Barrett

#31: In this episode, we’re joined by Linsday Barrett who conquered $37,000 in student loan debt in 3 years after graduating from college and investing in herself with a web developer bootcamp. I’m honored to have played a small part in her journey as I was the teacher for that bootcamp so it was a lot of fun to bring this full circle and hear how far she has come in her own financial journey since learning web development.

We are constantly hearing that everyone should learn to code. While I don’t agree that *everyone* should learn how to code, it was very much a powerful option and lever for Lindsay to increase her income and pay off her student loan debt.

Lindsay’s story shows how it is possible to go from being an outsider to the tech community to make your way up the tech career ladder with impressive results. Congrats, Lindsay! 🎉

Some of the tactics that she talks about in this episode include:

  • Prioritizing your debt payments over discretionary spending
  • Increasing your income by learning a new skill
  • Find a community to help hold you accountable and motivated
  • Come up with a way to track your progress (hat tip to Atomic Habits)
  • Make sure you know where your money is going when paying off your debts

Our Guest This Week

Lindsay Barrett

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