Subscriptions, Subscriptions, Subscriptions

Ep38: In this episode, we talk about subscriptions. Today we have access to more subscriptions than ever. We have subscriptions for movies and television (Netflix, Hulu), toothbrushes (Quip), meal prep (HelloFresh), underwear (MeUndies), and even pet food (The Farmer’s Dog).

Now there is no judgment on this next part but how many subscriptions do you have? How many of those do you really use? Are they materially contributing to your life in some way or is it like a gym membership that you keep “hoping to get to someday?”

In this episode, I break down my own subscriptions. I actually don’t have very many thanks to my expense inventory from episode 4.

My Personal Subscriptions – $100/month

  • Phone Bill – $22/month
  • Planet Fitness – $10/month
  • Spotify – $9.99/month
  • PlayStation Network – $89/year – $7.5/month
  • Bridgewire – Makerspace $50/month

My Freelance Subscriptions – $220/month

  • Google Apps – $5/month
  • Microsoft – !? $9.90 and I don’t know for what or how to cancel it
  • Domains – Ranges from $10-$30/month
  • AWS hosting – $1-2/month
  • Digital Ocean Hosting – $22/month
  • Adobe Creative Cloud – $52/month
  • Ngrok $5/month
  • Bonsai – $19/month
  • Quickbooks / Bookkeeping – $70/month
  • Pingdom – $15/month

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