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The Money Life Coach: Tawnya Schultz

Colin talks about money mindsets and budgeting with Tawnya Schultz, The Money Life Coach.

2020 Update on My Debt Numbers

The roller coaster of paying off debt. This week I'm giving an update on how much I owe between IRS back taxes and consumer debt.

Getting Out of Debt with Qoins

A chat with Qoins' CEO, Christian Zimmerman. Qoins is a mobile app that helps people get out of debt faster. We go behind-the-scenes with why Christian wanted to build Qoins and how it has helped people pay off over $10 million in debt.

Personal Finance during the Coronavirus

Back to basics: income, spending, saving, investing, and government assistance available in the times of the Coronavirus.

HY$YD: Year 2 Montage

Ep42: This is a little bit of a different episode since we've been on hiatus but I'm excited about the launch of Year 2! You can think of this as a Season 2 of HY$YD and I'll be documenting my continued journey of getting out of debt and investigating the habits that influence our decisions to save, get out of debt and live a healthy life - physically, emotionally and financially.

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